The poodle is a rather small dog that comes in a few variations of its own. It is a well groomed and bred dog. This is your typical show dog. We do not recommend owning a dog for purposes of such, however it’s origins were to be a very family dog.

Poodles are often viewed as very intelligent dogs, however this is likely due to its professional and friendly look. It simply looks like it is smart and gets the default of being smart. The origin of this dog is not particularly known but it is between Germany and France.

In the past the poodle has been used for hunting, particularly with duck hunting. You will see traits from this in modern poodles and their hunting abilities. One notable hunting ability is their ability to catch birds. They can sniff out birds, remember where a dead or caught bird was located and spring to action when a bird falls.

Aside from the dogs ability it is a very cute looking, friendly dog that took off in the suburbs. It is looked at as a high end fashionous dog. The type of dog you might bring with you when you are dressed up. Today it is a complimentary or fashion statement. People like to keep clean, well groomed poodles to show-off.