British Bulldog / English Bulldog

Known more formally as a British bulldog, this fur baby is the pick of many for various reasons. They are courageous dogs, offering their owners a good amount of protection at home and on person. They have a very fierce look and a vicious name attached.

As lethal as these pets may look, they are surprisingly very friendly. This of course only applies to pet friendly people. Like most dogs they will smell fear and awkardness and respond appropriately. However if you are comfortable with and around a dog you will have no problem being around a bulldog.

The name derived around WWII as mascots representing pride, power and courage. It’s name came from ‘bull baiting’ which is now discontinued. The strength required from these dogs for bull baiting was also discontinued. Even though they are not as tough or strong as previous they are still ranked as some of the toughest dogs. This is largely because of breeding and biology. With that they still offer protection to owners.

They typically appear to be a little pudgy with thickness around the eyes, nose and mouth with hanging skin under the neck. Contrary to popular belief, these dogs are not aggresive.