Everything you need for your fur baby

Fur Babies Parents

Fur mommy’s and fur daddies alike need the resources and equipment to care for their fur child. Everything from information about your furry guy to products that you would not find in your local store. Give your fur child the best care it deserves.

Getting Informed

Popular Dogs

Boxer dog

Boxer dog’s are medium sized, short haired breeds. Colors of this dog vary but are typically a brown shade or white. They were first bred in Germany and sometimes will have white spots.

german shepHerd

German shepherd’s like the boxer dog originally were bred in Germany. They are medium sized dogs with a rather strong body and large stature. They are typically brown with a black stripe across their rear end. They are a very popular choice as they are both fierce and protective, while maintaining cuteness and playfulness. These dogs tend to be one of the most loyal dogs.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Help animals by providing the tools necessary for their owners.

In 2018 and 2019 combined there was a recorded 119 pet deaths related to overheating inside a locked vehicle, many of which were dogs. A number of dogs were shot due to police altercation. Many dogs and cats owners end up giving their pets away for adoption for many different circumstances. Many pets die due to owners neglect. Pet services also have a significant number of confiscated pets, largely due to negligence of the owner.